The answer may seem obvious for why the Tampa Bay Buccaneers dominated the Chiefs in Super Bowl LV. Their reason for their win was more than just simply getting pressure, though. There were a couple schematic adjustments that allowed Tampa to go from just winning a Super Bowl to blowing out a team people thought was almost unbeatable.

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While the Bucs defense largely won on disciplined play in the secondary and getting pressure with their front four, Tampa did bring five or more rushers on six pass plays…

The Kansas City Chiefs defense is playing almost as good as their offense is in the playoffs so far. They’ve given up just 215 passing yards per game, a 40% 3 rddown conversion rate, and 13.7 points per game. While the task will be much different against Tampa Bay and Tom Brady, the Kansas City Chiefs defense have used a lot of rotation in their secondary to cause confusion and bait quarterbacks into making mistakes or holding onto the ball. They’ve also been incredibly aggressive in their blitz packages in the red zone. While Brady isn’t as inexperienced as Baker…

Travis Kelce and the Chiefs have been unstoppable this year and Kelce has only gotten better in the playoffs. Through their two games against the Browns and the Bills, Kelce has 25 targets, 21 catches, 227 yards, and 3 touchdowns. If you want to have a shot at slowing down this Travis Kelce and this Chiefs offense, you have to get Mahomes and Kansas City out of their comfort zone. That means taking away the easy plays to Travis Kelce.

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Cross route

To that end, there are a few plays…

The Green Bay Packers’ number one offense was the clear winner on Saturday when they went up against the Rams and their first ranked defense. They put up 488 yards, 32 points, 28 first downs, and had no turnovers or sacks. A big part of the Packers and Matt LaFleur’s game plan was to utilize RPOs and access throws. The Rams defense doesn’t give you much, so when you can exploit a numbers advantage, you have to take advantage of that opportunity.

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The Rams pulled off the upset against the Seahawks. While a lot of it was due to their dominating defense, the Rams’ run game also played a huge part in their win. Los Angeles racked up 164 yards on the ground which is their second highest total since Week 3 against Buffalo. Getting Andrew Whitworth back and having Cam Akers fully healthy certainly helped. Let’s look at how the Rams’ outside zone functions and what can make it so effective.

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How outside zone works

Outside zone always has the goal of getting on the edge. In reality, it’s pretty rare…

There might not be a hotter offense in the NFL right now than the Buffalo Bills. They just put up 56 on a very good Miami defense. What’s more, John Brown is back in the lineup and can put the offense over the top. While John Brown and the Bills starters only played for the first half in their game against Miami, that was more than enough to get the Bills get up 28–6 going into the 3rd quarter. It started a little shaky but Buffalo made some good adjustments to attack the blitz-happy Dolphins.

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Mitchell Trubisky may be in the midst of saving his career and simultaneously saving the Bears’ season. In his last four games, he’s completed 72% of his passes, has seven touchdowns to two interceptions, and the Bears offense is scoring 35 points per game. In comparison, they were scoring just 16.7 points per game when Foles was starting. Bears fans might be conflicted after watching these ups and downs through Trubisky’s career but Chicago seems to have found a formula for success with Trubisky.

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Use of Play Action

The Titans drafted a star when they selected AJ Brown in the 2019 NFL Draft. He brings physicality and play-making ability to every snap and has 56 receptions, 881 yards, and 10 touchdowns on the year and has implemented more and more route technique and nuance. He might only be 6’0” but he plays with size and aggressiveness. Sometimes that can get him into trouble, but he’s a perfect complement to what Tennessee can do in the run game.

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AJ Brown is a physical

Jalen Hurts finally got his first start and led the Eagles to a win with 273 total yards and one touchdown. It’s a small sample size, but let’s take a look at how Hurts looked and what the Eagles asked of him against the Saints.

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Philadelphia Eagles’ Jalen Hurts, left, scrambles past New Orleans Saints’ Demario Davis during the first half of an NFL football game against the New Orleans Saints, Sunday, Dec. 13, 2020, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Chris Szagola)

The Good

Doug Pederson frequently moved Hurts outside the pocket. This helped simplify his reads by cutting the field in half. The Eagles ran rollouts seven different times. …

The Packers offense is flying high thanks to Matt LaFleur and an MVP caliber year by Aaron Rodgers. The Packers defense however, is very… average. They have a ton of draft capital and talent invested on the defensive side of the ball with Kenny Clark, Za’Darius Smith, Kevin King, Jaire Alexander, and Adrian Amos. In fact, four of their last five first round picks were on defense and all are starters right now. So why is the talent not matching the production?

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